Welcome to West Ridge Beverage Drive-Thru!

West Ridge Beverage opened in 1984 and has been serving customers throughout Monroe county with its impeccable service and affordable prices. West Ridge Beverages is committed to bringing you the best selection of Import, Craft and Domestic beer in the Rochester area. Whether you need your favorite beer to finish a rough day or are planning on hosting a party, from a single can to a full-sized keg, we've got you covered. We are constantly looking for new products so even if you are already a regular, there will always be something new to surprise you! Friendly, convenient, fast drive-thru service. Stay warm and dry in the comfort of your own vehicle while we load your car with your favorite beverages and send you on your way!

Whatever it is you are seeking, we will surely be able to offer it, whether you are looking for a seasonal beer or one of those hard to find bottles. We want to provide you with the best service which is why we will always be happy to see you around and offer you whatever it is you are looking for.

About Us

Created with the idea of offering our clients the widest selection of craft and commercial beers, we want to make sure that we offer you the products of the highest quality to fit your needs. We want to make it as easy and convenient for you as possible, which is why we offer our drive-through experience.

West Ridge Beverage also sells soda manufactured locally at College Club Beverages, which has been serving Rochester since 1922. In fact, it is one of the few soft drink bottlers left in New York! We take great pride in making sure only the best ingredients are used in our soft drinks, including 100% cane sugar and salt-free, triple-filtered sparkling seltzer water.

We are one of the areas two distributors of classic Fiz soda in Monroe County. Fiz is available in both 4 packs or cases of 24/12 ounce bottles. College Club soda is available in 24/10 ounce or 12/32 ounce returnable and refillable bottles.

We want to offer everyone in the area a wide variety of beer and soft drinks, striving to maintain affordable prices to make our services available to anyone, whether you simply want a few bottles to enjoy at home, a keg for your upcoming party, or a regular supply of certain brands for your restaurant or bar. You can even call ahead to make sure we have your order ready and chilled for you!

We have grown the business and we have made it better as time has gone by. Now we offer you a website where you can access information from news in the beer world or buy a gift card to make the perfect present to a friend. We want you to learn about what beers we are offering and to contact us if you have any comments or questions. We will be very happy to see you and tell you all about the new products we offer!